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Tujuwan Lounge Review – Bali (Premier Lounge Renamed)

Dubbed the worst airport lounge in the world, the Premier Lounge at Bali’s Denpasar Airport has renamed itself – most likely in a bid to improve it’s image. 

I’m writing this review as I sit in the rebranded version, and will give you my honest verdict in this Tujuwan Lounge review.

Tujuwan Lounge

First things first, let’s set the scene. I was already not in the best of moods thanks to flash flooding in Dubai (where I’m catching my connecting flight), giving me a 2-hour delay accompanied with the prospect of missing my connecting flight to London Heathrow and being stranded in a flooded Dubai airport for hours (maybe days, if they doom mongers on X are to be believed – yes, I need to stop planning for the worst).

So it looks like I’m going to be spending the best part of 3 hours in the Tujuwan Lounge – the lounge offered to pretty much all Business and First Class passengers on any of the major international airlines, including Emirates (my airline today), Qatar, Qantas, and many more.

There are two other lounges to choose from: a budget option that didn’t seem to have a name, and the Concordia Lounge, which is located next door (Concordia is a Priority Pass lounge). 

The reviews I’d read about the formerly named Premier Lounge and Concordia were equally terrible, with Google reviews kicking up common statements such as:

This lounge is constantly crowded and you’re lucky to get a seat.’

No alcohol here – be warned.’

The bread is stale and the food choices are slim.’

So it’s fair to say I wasn’t looking forward to the experience. I was even planning to eat downstairs at one of the many appetite-inducing eateries rather than the food poisoning that one reviewer had claimed they’d had as a result of their visit.

After one glass of white wine, I can confirm that at least one of the above statements is no longer true.

But how did the rest of my experience fare? Let’s get into it…

My Tujuwan Lounge Experience

As I mentioned earlier, I had done my research on the lounges at Bali – even more so when I learned I could be spending many hours in one. So I had tempered my expectations.

My concluding impression? I was very pleasantly surprised by the lounge, and I can tell you 100% that it is not the worst lounge in the world.

My guess is that the renaming of the lounge has coincided with a clear effort to improve – and to cater to an international traveler. 

Although Bali is mainly Hindu, the old operation was more akin to a lounge you would find in a predominantly Muslim country (which Indonesia is). And as such, alcohol was not served.

Anyone who does drink will tell you that a lounge without alcohol is not much fun.

The beverage offering at Tujuwan is decent. They offer a range of cocktails (including espresso martinis), mocktails, beer, and a selection of wine – all served from a small bar area. They also have plenty of bottled water, soda water, soft drinks, and self-serve tea and coffee.

Tujuwan Lounge bar and drinks area

The food options, while not plentiful, were pleasant. They were being renewed and replenished regularly during my evening visit, and there were at least five different options – some local and some international (spaghetti). 

There were some local desserts, sandwiches (these didn’t look particularly appetising, so I didn’t bother), and some snacks such as nuts and cookies.

Food in Bali lounge
snacks in Bali airport lounge

The atmosphere in the lounge was equally pleasant. It was not busy, with at least 50 free seats. As I write this I have 10 empty seats and tables next me with just one occupied.

I had read that the plugs didn’t work and they had no USB sockets. Again, this is not the case anymore.

I am currently charging my iPhone from a USB 2.0 socket (I did need my trusty 3 to 2.0 adapter, which I take on journeys like this as charging points are often an issue), and it is working a treat.

USB charger in Bali lounge

The seats are comfortable and there a few different zones to choose from. Almost all have low tables though, so if you are planning on working on a laptop you may find yourself hunched over (as I am right now).

There are several standalone air-conditioning units, but they do not seem the most effective. I overheard one member of staff informing a guest that they were not working properly – and it’s a little warm in the lounge. Not uncomfortably so, although I have been traveling for a month so I have probably adjusted somewhat.

The most impressive aspect of this visit is the staff. They are superb.

They are well presented, friendly, plentiful, and can’t do enough to make sure you are happy. I dared to walk up to the bar to get a second glass of wine and I was promptly told to sit down as she followed me to my seat and carried my drink for me.

As my flight was delayed, on entry one staff member talked me through the issue in Dubai and informed me of how to track it from within the lounge. This was pretty obvious, as there is a large screen displaying the information – but it’s a nice touch all the same.

One thing I love about airport lounges are the restrooms. Some don’t have them, but thankfully the Tujuwan Lounge does.

They are not the largest, but there is one shower in both the mens’ and ladies’ – and the restrooms are clean enough.


All in all, is the Tujuwan Lounge the worst in the world? No – not by a long shot. In fact, I quite enjoyed it. 

Okay, so the food is not the best I’ve had – but it was fresh, hot and tasty. I was expecting no booze, but was instead greeted with a good cocktail menu, decent wine (the Chenin Blanc was my tipple), and beer.

It’s comfortable, not over-crowded, and they seem to have got the basics right.

Bali is hardly like Dubai, so shouldn’t be judged by the same standards – but it is a very pleasant and comfortable lounge and my three hours here were hardly the worst way to start my 18-hour (hopefully) journey home.

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