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Swiss A220 Economy Review

The SWISS A220 is a new, beautiful fleet that’s only several years old, and has a more modern look than many other planes taking to the skies. The new SWISS carrier was built in 2020 following the bankruptcy of Swiss Air, and elegantly designed with a 3-2 seat configuration

I flew from Amsterdam to Zurich on the SWISS A220. For the most part, I felt the plane was comfortable and roomy, especially for a middle seat. Indeed, compared to some of the other EasyJet flights I’d taken during my Euro trip, this fleet felt luxurious

I fell in love with Amsterdam. It was such a quirky, fun city with an exciting nightlife. It was hard to leave. But once I boarded that Swiss A220 and landed in Zurich, I felt excited for my next journey. 

Swiss Air A220 aircraft

The flight was fleeting, lasting less than two hours, but it was a very pleasant two hours that geared me up for my new city and country. I was heading to a community home in another town called Darligen, where I spent a few weeks helping out with their vegetable garden and cooking for the other volunteers.

It was a wonderful trip, but I’m here to talk about what my flight was like on board the Swiss A220.

Snapshot Verdict

SWISS Air is a pleasant airline. I had an enjoyable experience flying with them, even though it was a quick flight. Would I consider flying them again? Absolutely! Especially for a long-haul flight, solely because their fleet was so beautiful and stylish!

With several lounge options, and the choice to go green, SWISS Air is a great way to see the world at an affordable price. They fly to numerous destinations in Europe and around the world.  

SWISS Air offers:

Economy Light (Cheapest Fare):No rebooking, non-refundable, and no checked bag included.

Economy Classic:Rebooking for 60 Euro, non-refundable, checked bags, seat reservation included.

Economy Green (Their recommendation):Rebooking allowed, non-refundable, checked bag included, seat reservation included, more sustainable choice.

Economy Flex: Rebooking allowed, refundable, checked baggage included, seat reservation included, priority boarding, earlier flight on day of travel is included.

Overall, and alongside their different fares, sustainable flights and European destinations, SWISS Air has something for everyone’s budget at a competitive price. 

Swiss Lounges

No matter how long or short your flight duration is, a lounge is always a great escape from the rest of a hectic airport.

In Zurich airport, Swiss Air’s First Lounge offers pure luxury. There are two hotel rooms, mini suites, a champagne bar, and two restaurants. You can even soak up glorious views of the Swiss Alps from their terrace.

You won’t go hungry either, since the chefs in the lounge’s 5-star à la carte restaurant cook up some delicious cuisine. It’s also a peaceful working space if you’re a digital nomad, while boasting an extra touch of luxury with its wine humidor, containing over 1,000 bottles of wine from around the world.


The hotel rooms are offered at no extra cost and have no time limit either, BUT they are only available on a first-come-first-served basis.

In Geneva, there’s a similar Swiss Air lounge with a reserved area for VIPs, and you’ll be escorted to your flight when it’s time to board. The Senator Lounge has an extensive buffet, where you can unwind.

Lounge at Geneva airport

The lounge is located next to the gates, which I find helps me switch off from worrying about the rush to board! And if you fancy an alcoholic beverage to begin your trip, it doesn’t matter what time it is – they always offer alcoholic beverages at your convenience. 

Lounge Access Voucher

If you’ve booked a flight in Swiss Economy or Swiss Premium Economy, you can purchase a lounge access voucher. This is where you’ll get a spacious lounge to relax in before your flight, comfortable seating, bathrooms (some with showers, some without), complimentary hot and cold dishes, quiet desks, and complimentary alcoholic beverages.

This is in partnership with the Lufthansa Group, which Swiss Air are a part of. 

You can purchase these vouchers online for $55 and up. Once you get to the airport, you show reception your boarding pass and your voucher. Unfortunately, I decided not to purchase one since my flight was so early in the morning, but it is a great way to get a taste of a Swiss lounge without having to be a full-time member or hold a certain membership status.

In Zurich airport, the Swiss Lounge is located in the new, modern SWISS Lounge area above the E gates, and the Non-Schengen Area. The lounges are easy to find, and well signposted. At Geneva Airport, the Swiss Business Lounge is just after security. 

Fly Sustainably With Swiss

You can fly more sustainably by booking a Green Fare, which is available in all travel classes with the Lufthansa Group, including Swiss Air.

This is something that all airlines need to consider for the future! The Lufthansa Group is paving the way for a greener future. 

These sustainable flights use Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) that help reduce flight-related CO2 emissions. These make up 20% of the flight-related individual emissions, which helps offset the remaining 80% of flight-related CO2 emissions.

By purchasing this flight, you’ll also get extra status miles and flexible rebooking options

Recently, Swiss introduced Green Fares for intercontinental routes. This will reduce 10% of individual flight-related CO2 emissions by using Sustainable Aviation Fuels, which will offset the other 90% of individual flight-related CO2 emissions. 

With domestic flights between Geneva and Zurich, Swiss offers fares already including offsetting the CO2 emissions. 

This is available on the following routes: 

Swiss Air Green Fare routes

My Experience Flying SWISS

Though my experience with SWISS Air was on a short-haul flight, I had a delightful experience. I would definitely fly them again and will consider using them for a cross-continental long-haul flight. 

I had a very early flight that left at 7 AM, which meant I had to be at the airport by 5 AM. Luckily, I slept a few hours the previous night and managed to arrive at the gate 15 minutes before boarding.

I waited for my group to get called, which was one of the last ones, and boarded the plane. It was probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing interiors of a plane I’ve seen, with a sleek interior and dark leather seats contrasted by white headrests. 

Unfortunately I was allocated a middle seat, but for such a short flight, I didn’t mind. On this flight, there were 145 seats, in a 3-2 configuration.


If you’re flying on the Swiss A220, I would recommend trying to book one of the seats on the left side of the plane, where there are no middle seats.

The seats were made of leather upholstery and a fixed headrest. There were no charging ports.

The legroom felt a little tight, but it’s to be expected with economy rows and middle seats!

There was no Wi-Fi on the flight. The onboard service was efficient, and they handed out complimentary drinks and a Swiss roll.

But the best part of the flight was arriving in Switzerland and looking out the window to see the Alps, even if I did have to look across the person sitting in the window seat. Because I had taken the earliest morning flight, I had such a beautiful view of the mountains with the early, soft light. 

Meals on Board 

Depending on the duration of your flight, you’ll either get simple snacks or meals while flying with Swiss Air. Because my flight was so short, I only received a complimentary drink and a Swiss roll.

But hold on, flight foodies – don’t be disheartened! If your flight’s a little longer, the menu gets a whole lot more interesting…!

Swiss air meals on longer flights

For many European destinations, Swiss Air offers a Saveurs menu, where you can choose exactly what you want to eat or drink. You’ll also get a bottle of Swiss water and a complimentary piece of Swiss Chocolate. 

Some of their food items include a Swiss Angus burger and fries, a club sandwich, a truffle brie sandwich, a butter lye pretzel, and French fries.  If you’re flying Swiss Air Intercontinental, you’ll have a more extensive menu, such as meals with artisanal food.

If you need a special meal or have a dietary exception, you can book your meal in advance up to 24 hours before departure. SWISS Air makes it easy to eat on their planes!

Entertainment on Board 

The only downside to a short-haul Swiss A220 is its lack of in-flight entertainment. But then again, you don’t have time to watch a movie on such a short flight across Europe! And it keeps costs down.

There was a small screen on the overhead that displayed the flight’s details, which was fun to watch from time to time and made me feel a little less ‘stuck in the middle’ with my middle seat. Luckily, I had a book with me and could get a few chapters in before we landed.

Checking a Bag 

The baggage allowance for a Swiss carry-on is a mere 8kg, which is practically nothing. When I travel, I like to travel light, but not that light.

Even though my backpack was just about the size of a carry-on, it was still heavier than 8kg, so I checked my bag. However, I probably could have gotten away with it since they didn’t end up weighing anything!

Paying for Seats 

With the Classic and Flex Fares, a seat is already included. With the Light fare, you need to pay to reserve a seat. These start at $18 per seat and up.

And don’t forget my middle-seat-dodging tip, especially if you’re flying solo: sit on the left-hand side, and you’ll have either window or aisle. Perfect!

How to Book with Swiss Air

With the Swiss Air website, it’s easy to book online. This is where you’ll see all of the different fares and the pros and cons of each one. I usually opt for the lowest fares, though the more expensive ones have their advantages!

After entering your departure airport, arrival airport, and dates, you’re taken to the next page where you can select your fare as follows: 

  • No rebooking
  • Non-refundable 
  • Carry-on bags 1 x 8kg (18lb)
  • No checked bag is included
  • Rebooking for a charge per passenger plus fare difference
  • Non-refundable 
  • Carry-on bags 1 x 8kg (18lb)
  • Checked baggage 1× 23kg (50lb)
  • Seat reservation included
  • Rebooking is allowed, plus the fare difference
  • Non-refundable
  • Carry-on bags 1 x 8kg (18lb)
  • Checked baggage 1× 23kg (50lb)
  • Seat reservation included
  • More sustainable flying through SAF (20%) and emissions offsetting (80%) is included
  • An extra 20% Points and Qualifying Points and 20% award miles are included
  • Rebooking is allowed plus the fare difference
  • Refundable, except $76.00 per passenger
  • Carry-on bags 1 x 8kg (18lb)
  • Checked baggage 1× 23kg (50lb)
  • Seat reservation included
  • Priority boarding (where available) included
  • An earlier flight on the day of travel (where available) is included


Choose the fare that best suits your budget, needs and travel plans. If you’re someone who might not be able to commit to a certain travel date, then it’s better to go with a more expensive fare so you can get that refundable and changeable ticket.

The difference between Economy Light and Economy Flex is upwards of 65 dollars. While booking, you can hold your ticket and fee for 48 hours for a small surcharge of 10 euros ($10.86).

This is a great option if you found an awesome deal on a price, but aren’t sure if you want to keep that exact ticket. Payment follows, and once that’s complete, you’re all set to travel!


If you want to travel around Europe and intercontinental, Swiss Air has you covered. Their fleets are efficient and safe, and they offer top-notch service that will get you to your destination in style. They have hundreds of destinations and even offer the choice of more sustainable travel. 

I loved flying with Swiss Air from Amsterdam to Zurich. Boarding was smooth and the flight departed on time.

While I could have used a bit more legroom while in the middle seat, I did appreciate the Swiss roll and the views of the mountains!

Overall, Swiss Air offers a cost-effective way to travel around Europe and the world, no matter which fares you choose. Whether you need to reach your destination on a budget or want to fly in style, Swiss Air gives you a great way to travel for a fair and reflective price.

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