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The New One Key Program From, Expedia and Vrbo

I woke up this morning to some incredibly exciting news: the travel rewards game-changer that I’ve been waiting for has finally been announced.

One Key will land in the UK in just a few months, and my bet is that it will redefine how we all think about travel rewards.

The brainchild of travel giants®, Expedia®, and Vrbo™, the One Key program isn’t just another travel rewards program. It’s the most extensive and inclusive ever rolled out in the UK.

Believe me, it’s worth getting excited about.

One Key for Freedom and Flexibility

Who hasn’t used at least one of, Expedia, or Vrbo to book accommodation, flights, or holiday experiences?

A bonus when booking travel and accommodation through these popular platforms is their rewards programs. The trouble is, they’re stilted and disjointed.

That’s changing.

One Key is replacing these separate rewards programs. They’re going to be combined into one, allowing you to earn and redeem rewards points (which will be called OneKeyCash) across all three platforms seamlessly.

Yep, you heard me right – you can earn OneKeyCash by booking a cozy hotel room on, then jet off on your next adventure using those rewards on Expedia for flights, or even snag the perfect holiday home on Vrbo. 

Imagine no longer being tied to one brand for bookings and rewards. That’s the freedom and flexibility delivered by One Key – with almost endless possibilities from a single rewards account.

One Key for Fast Rewards

A bugbear I’ve had for a while is the time it takes for rewards to hit your account. Now, you can forget this frustration. Gone are the days of waiting to rack up 10 nights for a reward. OneKeyCash will be paid into your account soon after your stay, and can be used immediately.

You don’t need to worry about losing any existing rewards, either. All your existing stamps and reward nights will be transferred automatically and converted to OneKeyCash. Providing your existing accounts are all under the same email address, you won’t have to lift a finger.

Unpick 2% OneKeyCash with Every Booking

As a One Key member, you’ll earn a minimum of 2% in OneKeyCash for every £1 you spend on eligible hotels, holiday rentals, activities, packages, and car hires. Move up the membership tiers, and you’ll unlock even higher OneKeyCash rewards.

At 0.2%, the OneKeyCash payout on flight bookings isn’t quite as exciting, though you do still get to earn on top of most airmiles and credit card reward programs.

One Key for a Ladder of Perks

If you aren’t a member of one of the big three loyalty schemes already, it’s free to sign up and join in the Blue tier of One Key membership. At this level, you’ll save 10%+ via member prices on more than 100,000 hotels worldwide, as well as having access to free price tracking for flights on Expedia. 

As you move up the tiers based on the number of ‘trip elements’ in a year – from Blue, through Silver, Gold, and Platinum – your rewards improve. You’ll have access to a range of benefits across flights, car hires, hotels, and holiday rentals, including:

  • Earn up to 6% in OneKeyCash on stays at VIP Access properties
  • Save 20%+ on member prices at 10,000 hotels worldwide
  • Receive extra benefits at selected VIP Access hotels
  • Get early check-in and late check outs as well as room upgrades when available
  • Price Drop Protection included on selected flights

What’s a trip element?

Quite simply, distinct parts of your trip, such as one airline ticket, one hotel night, one night in a holiday rental, a one-day car hire, or one activity ticket. To qualify for OneKeyCash, an element must have a value of at least £20.

One Key – The UK Traveller’s New Best Friend

The launch of One Key is not far away, and I cannot wait. A rough timeline has been indicated which looks like October 2024 for it to roll out fully.

With a huge bundle of benefits designed to make travel experiences smoother, cheaper, and more enjoyable, there’s a lot to look forward to. Finally, we’re all going to be able to explore the world on our terms with the One Key that unlocks a world of travel opportunities.

I’m going share more details and news about One Key as it’s released toward launch date – sign up to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss the boat!

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