About Points Inspector

Find Out More About Us, Our Team & Why We Do What We Do…

Meet Jason Mills – The Founder Of Points Inspector

Jason has over 25 years of travel experience, but it is only in the last 6 years that he has truly traveled in style. That is in part thanks to his obsession with collecting travel points, maximizing the use of loyalty schemes and scouring the internet for ways to squeeze as much as possible out of every deal.

Jason is a full time digital publisher and therefore can work from anywhere in the world (with internet) and he funds so much of his travel via the points he collects.

The People Behind Points Inspector

Our team is passionate about travel and helping others make the most of their travel points.

Every writer that works for Points Inspector has experienced first hand what they are writing about and are often travel bloggers or industry experts (or at the very least travel enthusiasts) in their own right…

Why We Do What We Do…

Let’s be honest… travel is fun. But spending money isn’t quite so much fun.

And that in a nutshell is why every member of the Points Inspector team does what we do.

We love to travel. We love to stay at the best hotels, travel in business class and relax in airport lounges between flights. But we all hate paying through the nose for it.

Reward points allow us to do the good stuff, but ditch the bad.

We also think more people should be doing it. And that’s why we spend so much time searching for the best deals, the biggest points hauls and the savviest spending tips.

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