Each and every team member of The Points Inspector follows the principles laid out in this editorial policy.

The core aims of our editorial policy is to provide information to our readers that is:

  • Accurate
  • Engaging
  • Inspiring
  • Money saving
  • Transparent


Unfortunately, we live in a world of misinformation. Our aim at Points Inspector is to achieve 100% accuracy in our content at the time of publication and to systematically review our previously published content to ensure accuracy.

Each and every piece of content we publish will include a ‘published’ date or a ‘last updated’ date. This allows our readers to understand how up to the date the information they are consuming is.

Certain details such as credit card rates, offers and deals can be subject to changes on a daily basis. Where this is the case our editors will make this clear and our systems will ensure we review this content more regularly than our minimum time frames.

Our policy dictates that all content is reviewed on a 3-6 month timeframe. Where information in our content is likely to change in a shorter timeframe this will be made clear in the content and will be reviewed more regularly by our editorial team.

Engage & Inspire

Let’s be honest. You are currently reading a pretty boring editorial policy. It has to be written in this way. But our main content is written to engage our audience, but also to inspire them to travel.

Travel broadens the mind and literally broadens horizons – and we are huge advocates of that. This is why our content is written by experts and travel writers who have actually visited or experienced what they are writing about.

The feeling of winning an upgrade auction can’t be faked – and we want our audience to feel the emotions that our content creators feel as a result of their travels and using their rewards points.

Ultimately, our content will be well written and seek to inform but also inspire.

Money Saving

The entire premise of Points Inspector is around enjoying maximum travel at the lowest price possible. We promote the collecting of travel points through frequent flyer programs, hotel reward programs and credit cards that allow you to collect travel points.

Our editorial policy dictates that when suggesting money saving ideas for flights, hotels, airport lounges and other aspects of travel, that we offer a best fit (for the average person) but also explore the outliers – so our audience can find the best fit for them.

We have a duty to provide the most accurate information at the time of writing, and to not only offer advice that offers the highest level of compensation for us, but that allows our readers to save the most money, without sacrificing quality.


We discuss various credit cards, loyalty programs, airlines and hotels as part of our content. For some of our recommendations we may be compensated. Where this is the case we will always inform our audience by clearly labelling our content as such.

We do not allow our decisions of what we recommend to be intentionally impacted by these compensations, but we will always tell you when we are being financially compensated for you making a purchase.

We do not use artificial intelligence in creating any of our written content. We may use some AI in the creation of imagery, but where we do, this will be labelled. We always look first to use images that are our own or property of our team. Where we use other images, these will be credited and permission will have been sought and granted.