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How To Earn Avios Points For British Airways

Earning Avios points could be your ticket to domestic and worldwide travel at exceptional value. By becoming a member of the British Airways Executive Club and/or Iberia Plus, you’ll be on the runway to amazing travel opportunities.

All you’ve got to do is figure out the best ways to earn the Avios points that will fuel your flight to your desired destinations and incredible travel rewards.

In this article, I share how to earn Avios points and boost your Avios balance to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Snapshot Verdict

Does it feel like you’re getting nowhere with your Avios points? Are you considering collecting Avios but don’t know where to start?

If you follow our strategic approach, you’ll be surprised how fast your Avios balance can grow.

From savvy credit card use, to everyday spending tactics, to thinking outside the box, you can transform your habits and actions to pave the way to dream destinations with first class travel and luxury accommodation – all thanks to an Avios points balance that puts you in the elite bracket.

First Step: Join the Avios Points Club

British Airways and Iberia stand at the forefront of the Avios program. Because they are part of the Oneworld Alliance, you can also redeem your Avios points with an array of their partner airlines (including, for example, American Airlines and Qatar Airways).

That gives Avios points an astounding reach.

Avios points can also be transferred between the various Avios programs (which includes Aer Lingus and Vueling). This makes them pretty versatile, especially if, for instance, you’re planning a trip to Europe when you might need to access Vueling’s destinations.

Signing up for the Iberia Plus and British Airways Executive Club couldn’t be easier, or cheaper – both memberships are free.

Membership perks

I love the perks you get as a member of Iberia Plus and British Airways Executive Club.

You can earn mileage bonuses based upon your tier of membership (rewarding you with bonus Avios points) and, as you move up through the tiers, take advantage of extra baggage allowances and priority boarding. When you reach the appropriate tier, you won’t need a priority pass – you’ll benefit from complimentary VIP lounge experiences, where you can relax, dine, or work in comfort before your flight.

Climbing through the tiers makes upgrades more accessible, too – why not switch up for a more luxurious experience in the business or first class cabin?

Free to join and with terrific perks that aren’t available to non-members without paying for the privilege? You’d be mad not to register.

Perk CategoryIberia PlusBritish Airways Executive Club
Membership TiersBlue, Silver, Gold, PlatinumBlue, Bronze, Silver, Gold
Mileage Bonuses– Silver: 25% bonus on flights

– Gold: 50% bonus

– Platinum: 100% bonus
– Bronze: 25% bonus on flights

– Silver: 50% bonus

– Gold: 100% bonus
VIP Lounge Access– Gold and Platinum tiers enjoy access– Silver and Gold members have access
Greater Baggage Allowance– Silver: Additional baggage allowance

– Gold/Platinum: Even more allowance
– Bronze: Priority boarding

– Silver/Gold: Additional baggage allowance
Flight Upgrades– Subject to availability and tier status– Available to Silver and Gold members, subject to availability
Priority Boarding– Available for Gold and Platinum members– Bronze: Business class check-in

– Silver/Gold: Priority boarding
Dedicated Customer Service– Exclusive contact channels for Gold and Platinum– Dedicated support for Silver and Gold members
Additional Perks– Platinum: Guaranteed seating and waitlist priority– Gold: Additional reward flight availability

5 Strategies to Earn Avios Points

Points make prizes when it comes to accumulating Avios points – the more you can earn and the faster you can earn them, the bigger the prizes could be.

Don’t think the only way to earn Avios points is by booking flights. There are many avenues for earning. I think of these as coming under five strategies, from using your credit cards wisely to earning through subscriptions and shopping.

1. Fast-Track Avios Accumulation with Credit Cards

Credit cards offer one of the easiest ways to earn Avios points. Everyday purchases become points machines, like a bonus for doing no more than you would normally do. However, using them strategically can maximize your points accumulation.

Avios Statement

First, you’ll need to sign up for an Avios credit card. The obvious candidates are co-branded cards specific to airlines like Iberia and British Airways.

Other cards with broader rewards programs that allow you to transfer points to Avios should also be in your mix – for example you can transfer Amex rewards points to Avios points with the click of a button. Look for the cards with substantial welcome bonuses – these points can give your Avios balance a huge boost.

One of the best methods to harness the welcome bonus is to open several cards strategically – spending enough on the first to win your bonus, then moving spending to the next, and so on. With this strategy, you could accumulate hundreds of thousands of bonus points over, say, 12 months, to add to the points you earn for using your cards for your everyday purchases.

Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll also need to be disciplined – don’t overspend, and always settle your balance when payment is due.


Transfer your points to Avios when there is a transfer bonus promotion. You’ll get the biggest bang for your buck.

Not sure that you’ll spend enough to win your welcome bonus? Then why not add authorized users to your card? My wife’s spending makes reaching the bonus requirements a breeze!

Here’s a summary of the fees and features, welcome bonuses, and Avios transfer values of the major players in this space:

In summary, choose the right cards, take advantage of points-earning categories, and transfer points strategically, and you’ll turn everyday spending into exciting travel experiences.

2. Travel: Earning Avios the Traditional Way

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, select flights that earn Avios points for future flights. From domestic flights to long-haul layovers, you can earn Avios points through Iberia, British Airways, their Oneworld Alliance partners, and even some non-Alliance partners.

When flying with Iberia, British Airways, or Oneworld Alliance partners, the amount of Avios points you earn is usually based on three factors:

  1. Flight distance
  2. Type of ticket (economy, business class, or first class)
  3. Your membership tier in Iberia Plus of British Airways Executive Club

On routes not covered by any of the Oneworld Alliance partners, always look for a flight with a direct partner that offers Avios points earnings opportunities.


When booking, always include your Iberia Plus/British Airways Executive Club membership number, and check for promotions or bonus Avios opportunities.

3. Hospitality and Rentals: Beyond the Flight

Your travels don’t end when you exit your destination airport, so why should your Avios points earning come to a close? Great news! They don’t.

There are some lucrative opportunities to earn more Avios points on every trip you take, especially if you leverage partnerships with hotel chains and car rental companies.

Hotel Stays

A huge number of hotels let you collect Avios points when you book. You can also earn Avios by booking direct or via hotel loyalty programs.

For example, should you book with partners like Marriott Bonvoy, Marriott International, Hilton Honors, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), and Accor, you can either be ‘paid’ in Avios points or convert your loyalty points later.


Hotels often have booking offers and other promotions that give you an Avios points bonus. Look out for these, and don’t forget to link your hotel loyalty program to your Avios account.

Car Rentals

Depending on the length and purpose of a trip, I often need to rent a car. When I do, I always look for rental from a partner of British Airways of Iberia.

Not only do you earn Avios points from car rental agencies like Avis and Budget, but you’ll also get other benefits like discounts and free upgrades.

How many Avios points you’ll earn usually depends on rental cost, so premium and longer rentals accumulate more points. Again, watch out for promotions offering bonus Avios points – it pays to shop around.


When you hire a car, pay with an Avios partner card to earn even more points.

4. Shopping and Subscriptions: Earning Points on the Ground

Your daily spending could produce a stream of points into your Avios program. If you’re shopping online from the comfort of your own home, shopping through Avios partners is a seamless way of earning points.

To take maximum advantage of these opportunities, start your online shopping journey through the airline’s website, and browse through the range of retailers you can access. There are hundreds of them, covering everything from fashion to technology to home goods, and more.

The Avios points promotions on these sites are not to be missed. Here are just a few that I’m browsing on the British Airways Executive Club site while I’m writing this:

Various Company Avios Points Promotions

When you’re an avid Avios points collector, you’ll soon get into the swing of checking out your retail therapy needs online through these portals, and watching for special Avios points promotions like these.


If you have an Avios-branded card, use this to complete these purchases. You’ll earn from the card and the shopping portal simultaneously.

Now, onto subscriptions and other services. There are hundreds you can earn Avios from.

For example, earn Avios when you subscribe to magazines like The Economist (a favorite of mine) and collect 1,000 Avios from an annual subscription to ESPN.

You could also register your card with dining rewards programs that are associated with Avios, and earn points each time you eat out. Excellent news if you’re a foodie like me.

5. Unique Ways to Earn Avios

You might think that you can only earn Avios on flights, car rental, hotels, shopping, and online purchases. You’d be wrong. Here are a few lesser-known ways you can earn Avios points:

  • Use the British Airways portal to book Airbnb and earn 3 Avios for every $1 spent
  • Buy a lounge pass (if you don’t have a pass through your credit card already) to earn 5 Avios per $1 spent
  • Reserve parking with ParkVia (formerly ParkCloud) to earn 5 Avios per $1 spent

You could also buy Avios points, though I’d only say you should do so if you need to top up your Avios balance to redeem for a specific flight or other redemption offer. There are three ways of doing this.

Avios Points Balance

The first is to top up your Avios balance by buying points through the British Airways or Iberia portal. If you plan to use this in your Avios accumulation strategy, I’d recommend that you do so when there is a bonus promotion in play – these could be worth 50% or more in extra Avios points.

Second, you could boost your Avios through the British Airways portal. This is a recent addition to their offers.

The idea is simple – you can choose transactions from the last 30 days on which you want to earn extra points, and then boost these points by up to three times. The first 300,000 Avios boosted during a calendar year can be bought at the cheapest buying rate.

Finally, British Airways has also added a ‘Save by Subscribing’ feature. This is a good way to develop a steady stream of Avios into your account. The higher your subscription (ranging from Voyager to Adventurer), the more points you’ll receive – though the higher subscription fee you’ll pay.

Where Can You Fly Using Avios Points?

The Oneworld Alliance encompasses 15 airlines, flying to more than 900 destinations around the world. It also includes hundreds of airport lounges. The member airlines are:

Alaska Airlines1257
American Airlines35260
British Airways19872
Cathay Pacific8028
Fiji Airways (partner airline)2313
Japan Airlines (JAL)19964
Malaysia Airlines5520
Oman Air (future member)4120
Qatar Airways15680
Royal Air Maroc8241
Royal Jordanian4529
SriLankan Airlines11258

7 Tips to Boost Your Bonus Points Earnings

Rounding off your strategic approach to earning Avios, here are the seven actions that I consider most profitable for all Avios points collectors:

1. Join Both Iberia Plus and British Airways Executive Club

These are your free gateways to eye-popping Avios earnings, and they offer you an incredible reach through their Oneworld Alliance partners.

2. Leverage Credit Cards

Be strategic with co-branded and partner credit cards to fast-track accumulation of Avios points. Sign up to cards with significant welcome bonuses. Add authorized users to give your points earning a further boost.

3. Be Strategic with Points Transfers

Transfer points from partner programs like Chase Ultimate Rewards or American Express Membership Rewards to Avios during bonus promotions.

4. Earn on Every Flight You Take

Whenever possible, fly with a Oneworld Alliance airline. You’ll earn Avios points based on flight distance, ticket type, and membership tier.

5. Benefit from Hotel and Car Rental Partnerships

Book your accommodation and car rental through Avios partners like Marriott Bonvoy, Hilton Honors, Avis, and Budget to earn points. Again, don’t forget to look out for promotional offers for extra Avios.

6. Shop and Subscribe for Avios

Shop online via Avios associated portals and earn on everyday purchases, and take advantage of subscriptions and services that award Avios points.

7. Look Beyond Ordinary

As well as earning Avios from flights, hotels, and car rentals, consider other ways to earn Avios, like Airbnb bookings, lounge passes, or ParkVia for parking. Consider buying Avios during promotional periods if you need to top up your balance.

Maximize Your Avios Bonus Points to Unlock a World of Travel

As you can see, there is a vast number of ways to earn Avios points, from registering as members of the British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus, to taking advantage of every spending opportunity with a thoughtful credit card strategy.

Every flight, hotel stay, and car rental can add to your Avios balance. So, too, can your everyday spending. If you apply the strategies I’ve discussed in this article, you could join the elite club of Avios collectors with millions of points in their account faster than you thought possible.

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