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During the pandemic, many travelers were wary of booking set-in-stone travel plans that were at the mercy of ever-changing entry requirements and travel restrictions.

This led to major airlines adopting policies that protected the value of a ticket in the form of a voucher or digital credit to protect all scenarios. (Who could’ve ever predicted a scenario like the pandemic?! It still makes me shudder…)

British Airways had their own version of this, which they called their ‘Book with confidence‘ policy. This guaranteed that money spent on tickets would be saved in the form of an eVoucher should the reservation be canceled.

Now, in the post-pandemic world of air travel, passengers are returning to airlines in droves, many of whom being holders of these vouchers. Here, I’ll be explaining what the eVoucher is, and how you can use it when flying on British Airways.

Snapshot Verdict

The British Airways eVoucher is a digital form of credit issued under the British Airways ‘Book with confidence’ policy during the COVID-19 pandemic, or as a form of compensation.

These vouchers can be applied at checkout when booking on the BA website and can be combined with promotional fares.

The Basics

Think of the British Airways eVoucher as a gift card. It is simply a digital form of credit issued by the airline that can be used towards flights.

These vouchers are typically issued after a person cancels their flight, or as compensation for itinerary interruptions.

eVoucher Tip

Unsure if you’ve got a voucher? You can check on the BA website here. You only need to enter your email address, and they’ll search their system to tell you whether you have an eVoucher not, and what the balance is!

BA evoucher checker screenshot


Here are the things we love about the BA eVoucher:


One of the primary advantages of the British Airways eVoucher is its flexibility. Passengers are able to use what they spent on a canceled reservation for new bookings for their full value.


As a digital form of credit, the eVoucher eliminates the need for physical vouchers or paper documentation. This allows for (mostly) seamless booking through the British Airways website, and vouchers are instantly applied.

With some exceptions, travelers are able to use their travel credit without the headache of long customer service wait times and endless searching for pieces of paper they may have received months ago.


The eVoucher can be an effective tool for cost-conscious travelers who don’t want the money spent on their ticket to vanish in the event that plans change. And who isn’t cost-conscious when it comes to canceled flights?

It’s a secure way of knowing your money on a boarding pass hasn’t gone to waste.

Redemption Process

Been given an eVoucher and want to know how to apply it to a new flight? Let’s get you boarding that plane and taking to the skies. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Receiving the eVoucher

Got your eVoucher? The British Airways eVoucher is typically issued due to a flight cancellation or disruption, as compensation, or as part of a promotion.

Once you receive the eVoucher, it will be linked to your British Airways account and can be accessed through the BA website or mobile app. You’ll also receive an email with the details of your voucher including its number and monetary value.

Keep hold of this for future reference, so that it’s easy to find when you need it. I personally like to create a folder in my emails so that I know where it’s safely tucked away for when I need it.

Step 2: Selecting Your Redemption Flight

To select the flight you wish to spend your voucher on, simply visit the British Airways website and enter all pertinent information as you normally would. Once you find the flight you want, proceed to book as normal.

Step 3: Applying The eVoucher

Here’s the fun part! Once you reach checkout, you’ll see an option that says, ‘Apply an eVoucher‘.

Select it, and you’ll be prompted to enter your email, last name, and eVoucher code. The value of the eVoucher will apply to your purchase price, and voila, you’re done!

What If It’s Not The Exact Amount?

A likely situation, but not a problem!

If there’s a remaining balance after the voucher is applied, you’ll can simply
settle the rest — your voucher doesn’t have to equate to the exact amount.

If the value of the voucher exceeds the purchase price,
you’ll be credited the remainder in the form of another voucher

(a nice little sweetener for the next flight you book!).

Helpful Tips

OK, so the process was more simple than you thought, right? But before you go rushing in to pick your new flight, here are a few tips that’ll help you get the most out of your eVoucher and avoid any disappointment:

Check Expiration Dates

Don’t let the money spent on your canceled ticket get away from you. Pay close attention to the expiration date on your eVoucher so you can use it in time.

Combine With Promotions

Look out for any promotions or discounts that British Airways is running when you book. You are allowed to apply your eVoucher to a promotional fare, which is a great way to maximize savings!

Plan Ahead

International travel will almost always be cheaper when booking at least a couple of months in advance. Shopping for a flight early can lead to a great deal, squeezing every drop of value out of your eVoucher!

Special Circumstances

Generally, British Airways are pretty helpful in ensuring you aren’t robbed of a flight and can get the very most out of your eVoucher. Here, I explain a few scenarios and their rules:

COVID-19 eVouchers

If your eVoucher was issued during the COVID-19 pandemic through BA’s ‘Book with confidence’ policy, your voucher expires on September 30th, 2025.

With COVID-related vouchers, you MUST use your eVoucher on travel that concludes before the expiration date. For example, if you book a roundtrip flight that leaves September 19, 2025, and returns on September 29, your voucher can be applied.

If you book a flight that returns on October 1, 2025, then it will fall outside the valid window and an eVoucher issued under the policy can’t be applied.


Flights booked with vouchers are still subject to the usual flight change policies
that apply to all other British Airways reservations.

Using an eVoucher on a flight for someone else

Unlike other airlines, a British Airways eVoucher CAN be spent on travel for a person other than yourself.

For security reasons, however, bookings made within four days of departure will have to include the person who the eVoucher was originally issued to.

Funds from baggage & upgrades

If you canceled a British Airways reservation and had already pre-paid baggage and/or purchased an upgrade, those funds will be credited back to you in the form of an eVoucher with the cost of the flight.

How very fair of you, British Airways!

Holiday vouchers

If you booked a vacation package through British Airways Holidays that was canceled and you received a voucher as a result, you’ll need to call BA customer service to redeem it.

Country restrictions

If you’re looking to use an eVoucher to travel to certain countries or regions (primarily Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia), you’ll need to call BA customer service to book.

Here’s the full list of countries you’ll need to contact BA, to see if they can help you use your eVoucher for flights:

Flight Routes - BA evoucher cant fly to these countries


If you currently hold a British Airways eVoucher, I would recommend using it sooner rather than later. They do expire, and with airlines running promotions to gear up for Euro summer, it’s a great time to start watching flight prices and cash in!

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