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Delta Airlines Review

Delta Airlines is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and has destinations that operate around the world. As the oldest airline in the USA and a full-legacy carrier, they have some of the most affordable flights with connections across all major continents.

I recently flew Delta Airlines from Denver, USA to Atlanta, USA, and then from Atlanta, USA to Belize City, Belize, and had a comfortable, pleasant experience, despite the turbulence. 

In all honesty, Delta is one of my favorite airlines and I find their services to be safe and efficient. The free Wi-Fi is also a huge plus! If there’s an issue, the flight attendants and pilots are quick to inform passengers and keep them updated.

Delta had a humble beginning as an agricultural crop-dusting commercial flying company, and in 1925, became the largest privately-owned fleet in the world. It wasn’t until the 1930s when Delta began its passenger service.

Their first Boeing 747 service began in 1970, and has since grown into what it is today. 

Another perk of modern-day Delta Airlines is its partnership with other international airlines, like Virgin Atlantic, Korean Air, and Air France-KLM. If you’re a Medallion Member with Delta, you’ll experience the perks that Delta has to offer while flying on their partner airlines. This includes priority boarding, waived baggage fees, and preferred seats

Snapshot Verdict

Delta Airlines is one of my favorite airlines for its comfort, safety and efficiency in more than 300 destinations in 60 countries.

They offer their SkyMiles Loyalty Program to reward you with points to go towards future flights. Their Delta Sky Club and newly-launched Premium Select cabin are also very indulgent if you want that luxury experience before and during your flight.

To save even more money and put your points towards travel, consider getting a credit card associated with Delta, or joining the Delta SkyClub. 

Delta Airways offers:

Economy: Basic flight amenities, random seating, and last to board, but for the cheapest price. 

Comfort+:  Three inches of extra legroom, more snack selection, more overhead baggage storage

Main Cabin: Select and change your seats, cancel for credit, earn miles

First Class: Expedited checked bags, personal service, first to board

Overall, and alongside their reward schemes, credit card options and premium add-ons, Delta Airlines offer something for everyone’s budget, needs, and taste at fair and competitive prices.

Where You Can Fly Delta Airlines

With more than 300 destinations in 60 countries around the world, you’ll find Delta Airlines everywhere. But some of its major hubs include:

Amsterdam, Netherlands, Atlanta, Georgia, Bogota, Colombia,  Boston, Massachusetts, Detroit, Lima, Michigan, London-Heathrow, UK, Los Angeles, California, Mexico City, Mexico, New York-JFK and LaGuardia, US, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, France, Salt Lake City, Utah, Santiago, Chile, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Seattle, Washington, Seoul-Incheon, South Korea, and Tokyo, Japan.

SkyMiles Loyalty Program

Fly frequently with Delta Airlines? Then you might want to consider getting the Delta SkyMiles card. With the points you accumulate, also called SkyMiles, you can use them for future flights. 

You’ll get three miles per dollar on Delta purchases with a Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card. And with everyday regular purchases, you’ll also earn miles.

There’s no limit on the number of miles you earn. Delta considers this more than just a frequent flyer program: it’s a loyalty program. Just by eating out at restaurants, going on overnight stays at hotels, and going on shopping sprees, you’re being rewarded with points that accumulate for free flights. 

Delta Sky Club Lounge

The Delta Sky Club is an idyllic start to any of your Delta flights. Soak up the tasteful menus, award-winning bar, flight assistance, complimentary Wi-Fi, and even entertainment and showers so you feel refreshed and replenished before your flight.

Delta Card Application Onboard Flight

You can access these clubs at select airports three hours before your flight departure time. There are several ways you can access the Delta Sky Club, including flying in first or business class. 

If you have Delta Elite status as a member of their SkyMiles Loyalty Program, you can purchase a Sky Club membership for $695 (or 69,500 points). The unlocks your freedom to enjoy the Sky Lounge every time you fly Delta.

Otherwise, if you have a Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card or a Delta SkyMiles Reserve Business American Express Card, you can access Delta Sky Club whenever you like for a $50 fee per entry.

Delta Premium Select

Delta now offers its newly-launched cabin for that extra touch of luxury to your flight. You’ll get extra legroom, wider seats, and a deeper recline in your seat. Before the flight, you’ll have accelerated check-in and security and baggage service.

The special treatment doesn’t stop there. Above the clouds you’ll get a glass of sparkling wine, and your food is created by culinary experts and served in dishware made from sugarcane plant fibers.

My Experience Flying Delta Airlines

I flew Delta Airlines on a domestic flight from Denver to Atlanta, where I had a four-hour layover. Then, I flew on an international flight from Atlanta to Belize City. 

Denver to Atlanta

Denver is a huge airport, so I needed to take a train after security to Terminal A, where Delta Airlines operates. Taking a 1am flight isn’t my ideal travel time, but I couldn’t beat the price! 

Delta Airlines Gateway

When I arrived at my gate, I found out my flight was departing 10 minutes early, with a time change to 12:49am and a check-in at the gate. I assumed this was for immigration purposes, because they asked me when I planned on leaving Belize, my final destination.

After I told them I’d be there for a week, they handed me my plane ticket. I had played seat roulette and they assigned me a window seat, which was lucky on an overnight flight. I had a window to sleep on!

The entertainment system had tons of moviesto pick from, including Dumb Money, Oppenheimer,and Bottoms.They gave out complimentary drinks and snacks halfway through the flight.

The seats were comfortable, though I felt a bit squished in the economy since the plane was full. Despite the early call to board, we departed around 1am after all and landed right on time. 

Tip For The Next Delta Airlines Flight

Next time, I’m considering paying extra for a Delta Comfort+ seat. While the economy seats weren’t necessarily uncomfortable, it felt a bit claustrophobic.

The Comfort+ seats have an extra three inches of legroom, and while that might not seem like a lot, it makes a huge difference, especially on full flights. You also board earlier and deplane quicker.

Atlanta to Belize City

I waited at Atlanta airport for four hours. Luckily, I found a cafe that opened at 6am, so I didn’t have to wait very long for a coffee.

Delta Airlines WiFi Onboard

I had to switch from Terminal B to Terminal E on the train, which only took a few minutes. We departed for Belize City right on time, though we experienced some of the worst turbulence on a flight I’ve ever had!

For this flight, I connected to Wi-Fi and was able to work most of the time, though the Wi-Fi was slow in the middle of the flight (probably because of the turbulence).

The flight attendants had to delay bringing the beverage and snack cart around because of how bad the turbulence was, making it dangerous for them to push the heavy cart around. The flight attendants were informative about the turbulence throughout the entire flight. They made constant announcements about the delayed snack cart and told us we needed to stay seated.

I didn’t mind the delay in snacks, but I’m sure some of the other passengers found it frustrating. Once the turbulence ended, which lasted most of the flight, the flight attendants came around with the snack cart. 

We landed on time, and I began my trip in Belize after going through a long line at immigration. Apparently, four planes landed at the same time, which is not the best scenario for such a small airport – but again, there’s not much any airline can do about turbulence causing delays in the name of safety.

Meals on Board

Delta Airlines Onboard Meal Options

I did not eat meals on board on either of my flights, but they do have a wide selection of snacks and what they refer to as ‘Flight Fuel‘. This includes nuts, Lotus Biscoff cookies, a fruit and cheese tray, and a couple of snack boxes. 

For complimentary snacks, you’re offered a Kate’s Real Food Organic Energy Bar, Lotus Biscoff Cookies, Almonds, and a Garden Salsa Flavored Whole Grain Snack from SunChips.

If your flight is 900 miles plus, you’ can eat their’ll be offered their snack box which has crackers, potato chips, beef snack sticks, cheese spread, almonds, gummi bears, and chocolate sandwich cookies. An alternative snack box offers hummus, pita chips, olives, bruschetta spread, a ginger chew, and dried fruit almonds. 

For those longer flights of 1,500 miles plus, you have the option of other select meals like a chicken salad sandwich plate, which offers a chicken salad sandwich gran queso cheese, with gourmet cherry jam, and arugula on a buttery croissant, alongside a dark chocolate mini square and apple slices for $12.

Or you can opt for the fruit and cheese plate. This has gouda and cheddar cheese slices with sea salt and olive oil flatbread crackers, dried apricots, whole almonds, grapes, and dark chocolate for $12. 

Delta Airlines Onboard Entertainment Film options

Entertainment on Board

Delta Airlines has tons of movies, ranging from old releases to new ones. You’ll find adventure movies, comedies, and drama television shows.

Best of all, there’s Wi-Fi on the flight! All you have to do is sign into your SkyMiles account (or make one for free). They also have several TV series you can watch, which is great if you find a show series you’re in the middle of.

Checking a Bag

I did not check a bag, but I could purchase a checked bag (under 50 lbs) when I checked in online for $30. A second checked bag was $40.

This is a decent price, especially compared to other flights I’ve previously flown. You can also choose to pay for your checked bag using Delta miles. 

Paying for Seats

I was randomly assigned a seat, though you can choose to purchase your seat online when you check into your flight. Delta will charge, on average, $15+ for seats

How to Book with Delta Airlines

Delta offers several different selections for ticket options. After putting in your departure and arrival airport, you can choose from a Basic (E), Main (X), Comfort+, and First Class ticket.

Between them, prices range drastically. For example, a ticket in Basic may cost you $600 roundtrip, while that same flight will cost you $1,250 in Delta First Class.

Warning On Basic Economy

If your flight is canceled, they’ll give you a travel credit instead of a refund!

This means there’s a chance that the next flight you want to book might be double, or triple the price, which is a frustrating caveat when booking the cheaper fare.Â

Basic Economy

  • Cancellation fee starting at $99
  • Seat assigned after check-in
  • Last to board 
  • Ear plugs included (but no other amenities)
  • Ineligible for upgrades
  • No miles earned; no credit toward SkyMiles Medallion Status 5
  • Ineligible for Delta Sky Club access
Delta Airlines Economy Aisle Seat

Main Cabin

  • Select & change seats
  • Cancel for full credit, no change fees
  • Board before Basic Economy
  • Eligible to purchase upgrades
  • Miles & credit for SkyMiles Medallion Status


  • The airline’s moniker for extra legroom 
  • Extra storage space above seat
  • Pillow, blanket, earplugs, amenity kit
  • More snack options than economy
  • Spirits, wine, and beer included on flights over 500 miles

First Class

  • Personal Service
  • Extra space to relax
  • Board first
  • Expedited checked baggage
  • Accelerated check-in
  • Premium snacks or fresh meal service, depending on length of flight
Impressive food on Delta first class flight

You can use $USD, miles, or miles and cash to pay for your flight. If you still want to fly with Economy, you have to accept the restrictions and continue on to the following page.


Delta Airlines will really try to convince you to upgrade to Main Cabin or First Class. If you’re stuck to a certain budget, don’t cave! Only ever purchase if it makes financial sense to you.

They’ll also try to get you to sign up for the Delta SkyMiles Gold American Express Card. It’s very enticing, since they tell you you’ll save a couple hundred bucks applying right then and there.

You can choose to purchase your checked bags at the following page, or when you check in online before your flight. 

Our Verdict On Delta Airlines

If you want to travel in comfort for an affordable price, Delta Airlines has you covered. For efficient and safe flights around the world, flying with Delta Airlines is a great choice, operating in over 300 destinations around the world.

I loved flying with Delta from Denver to Atlanta, and Atlanta to Belize City. Boarding was efficient, the flights departed and arrived on time, and the flight was relatively comfortable, despite being a full flight.

You can choose between Economy, Comfort+, Main Cabin, and First Class seating while flying Delta Airlines. The entertainment and meals on board are great for travel.

Overall, Delta offers a cost-effective way to travel across the world no matter your budget. Whether you need to reach a destination safely at the best price, or add some luxury and comfort with their Sky Club or Premium Select, Delta will do very well indeed at meeting expectations.

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