Singapore Airlines First Class Suites Review

Singapore Airlines came into existence in 1972 after Malaysia-Singapore Airlines split into two separate airlines – the second being Malaysian Airline System.

After continued progress and innovation, in 2007 they took delivery of the very first passenger Airbus A380, the First Class cabin of which had their original signature suites. 

Singapore Airlines’ First Class Suites have set the standard for luxury travel ever since. Their commitment to service is second to none, and their attention to detail will be apparent on every step of your journey.

Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways have dominated the Skytrax world’s Top 100 Airlines list for Best Airline since 2017, alternating between 1st and 2nd position. 

SIA has five classes of service: Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First, and Suites.

No aircraft has ‘regular’ First Class and Suites – it’s an either/or. Suites Class is only available on the A380, and this is the focus of this article. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to find and book one.

We experienced suites in their original iteration and were blown away. From being greeted by name to being literally tucked into our private lie-flat beds, we felt like royalty!

While service has always been one of this airline’s strong points, the hard product was upgraded back in 2017 to something even more incredible! 

Snapshot Verdict

Singapore Airlines continues to offer one of the best First Class cabins in the world, and has the friendliest flight attendants in the sky. Their upgraded suites raised the bar even further, providing a separate swivel recliner and bed that folds down on the opposite wall. The new suites boast modern technology to make your flight even more comfortable. 

While the A380 – the only aircraft with suites – currently does not fly to or from the United States, there are several routes on which you can experience Singapore Airlines suites. For those among us who choose not to spend enough money to buy a car on a plane ticket, Singapore Airlines tends to have decent award availability. 

Booking a suite on Singapore Airlines is worth the research, effort, and creative routing that goes into planning such a trip. Read on to find out how I did it, and how you can too!

Booking A Suite

At a whopping price tag close to $20,000 (USD) for a round-trip long-haul seat in one of Singapore Airlines’ First Class Suites, they were out of reach for most mere mortals. But with the advent and increasing availability of transferable points, the possibilities really began to open up.

When I got into the points game in 2015, my first goal was to book two suites from the US to Asia on Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines is one of the few airlines that accepts all of the major transferable points, they serve the areas I wanted to visit, their website is easy to navigate, and their awards availability is excellent.

I began to accumulate points in the Citibank, American Express, Chase, and Marriott Bonvoy ecosystems, and eventually had enough transferable points to book flights for our 2017 trip to Vietnam.


Do not pre-emptively transfer points!

First, find the flight you want on the airline you want, and be sure it is available.
Then, transfer your points to that airline.

Many of the transfers are instantaneous, but it can take a day or more in some cases.
Some airlines will allow you to hold the flight while you transfer points.

Singapore Airlines does not have an official policy on whether they will hold flights for you while you transfer miles, but many people have had success by calling KrisFlyer customer service.

If the agent you get is unhelpful, use a strategy known as ‘HUCA’ (Hang Up and Call Back). Do this until you find someone willing to help you.

I found the seats I wanted, and started transferring points (I didn’t know about the HUCA strategy at the time, so I had not yet reserved our seats). This was my very first major points redemption, so I played a little fast and loose, probably spending more points than I should have.

I was not able to find Saver Fares for our journey, so I ended up paying over 200,000 KrisFlyer miles per person for a Standard Fare, one way. And I probably took a more circuitous route than necessary. But the journey is half the fun, right? 


There is an option to book using a money and points combo.
This could be a great choice if you don’t have enough points to book your seats.

When booking with points, it helps if you have some flexibility. Having at least a little wiggle room around your travel dates and a bit of creativity with routing can go a long way. 

We lived in El Paso, Texas at the time of this trip – not a major hub. At the time, the flight from JFK to Singapore via Frankfurt, Germany was on an A380 and had suites. This was the most convenient route for us, although it required a positioning flight.

What Is A Positioning Flight?

If you cannot find an award seat directly from your home airport to your destination, you may need to book a positioning flight.

Positioning flights are essentially flights you book to get to the origination point for your trip.
Those of us who do not live near major international hubs often need to use them to get the best routing, particularly when using points.

Unfortunately, this route is now on the 777, but the ‘regular’ First Class is nothing to sneeze at! Maybe you can book JFK-SIN in regular First Class, and SIN to your final destination in a suite!

We booked a positioning flight to JFK on a Friday and our flight to Singapore left on Saturday. It just so happened that we arrived in New York City on St. Patrick’s Day, and NYC has one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the world!

So, we booked the Millennium Broadway Hotel near Times Square and settled in to check things out. It was a fun diversion that helped get us into an adventurous mindset for the journey to come.

Contrary to popular thinking (at least in my opinion), longer layovers are better, particularly when flying in the Premium cabin.

For one, you usually have lounge access, and some of these lounges are luxurious and offer world-class cuisine (check out my review of the Al Safwa First Lounge in Doha, Qatar). Second, you don’t have to rush and can take your time moseying to the gate.

A380 stairway Singapore Airlines Suite

Have a little extra time? Why not consider adding in a stopover?

On this particular trip, we spent one night in Singapore and a full day in Tokyo. We were able to see some pretty cool sites, sample local cuisine, and get a flavor for the cities. Moreover, this type of routing can help combat jet lag as you cross time zones more gradually.

Some airlines even offer complimentary city tours or hotel rooms, so check your airline’s website. Singapore Airlines offers several complementary tours for all passengers – check their website for details.

Our Experience 

I should mention Singapore Airlines’ “Book the Cook” program, where you can choose your main courses on their website ahead of time. I always use this when available, not only to ensure we get what we want, but also to build anticipation for what is to come!

Singapore Airlines Suite

This service is available for Suites Class, First Class, Business Class, and Premium Economy. The online menus are more extensive than those you receive in flight, and there are special meals for kids, vegetarians, folks who eat Halal, Kosher, etc…

When we flew, the A380s were equipped with 12 suites – four on each side with window access, and four in the middle. Singapore Airlines was the first airline to have double beds in the sky!

The center suites could be combined to form a double bed for couples traveling together. Unfortunately, we were not able to snag those. Instead, we had suites 2A and 3A on the port side of the aircraft. 

We arrived at JFK three hours early for our flight to Singapore. There are no Singapore Airlines lounges at JFK, but passengers do have lounge access:

  • Suites customers and PPS Solitaire members can access the Virgin Clubhouse
  • Business Class and PPS Club members have the Wingtips Lounge
  • Star Alliance Gold and KrisFlyer Gold members can access the Air India Maharaja Lounge

All of these lounges are in Terminal 4, the International Terminal

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at JFK was fantastic! It is Virgin’s flagship North American lounge. The decor was chic and modern, in shades of gray with red and purple accents.

The lounge offers a five-star a la carte menu and a full bar featuring craft and classic cocktails, as well as an excellent beer and wine selection. A pool table and other social games are available, as well as shower suites for freshening up.

We headed to the gate about an hour ahead of time to be sure we were able to enjoy every moment of our time in the suites. Boarding commenced around 45 minutes prior to our scheduled departure, and we were the first to board. 

Let me take a moment to address The Singapore Girl.

Back in 1973, their iconic outfits, known as ‘sarong kebayas’, were created by French haute couture designer Pierre Balmain. The colors are meaningful and symbolize the woman’s role onboard:

  • Blue – Flight Stewardess
  • Green – Leading Stewardess
  • Red – Chief Stewardess
  • Purple – Inflight Manager

While no weight requirements are publicly available, the women are required to be at least 5’2” (1.58 meters) and are expected to be ‘height-weight proportional’. The job is quite prestigious and allows the airline to be selective.

They undergo an extensive three-and-a-half-month training program and learn about safety, etiquette, and wine appreciation among other things. Training for Suites Class requires an extra day.

There are male flight attendants as well, and they look dapper in their tailored navy blue suits. Their position is indicated by tie color.

Two beautiful, elegant Singapore Girls greeted us warmly as we boarded the plane. Somehow, they already knew us by name! We were not the only people traveling in suites, and we didn’t show them our boarding passes… the first of many magical things that happened to us on this trip!

Singapore Airways Suite A380 suites cabin

Our Singapore Girl, Amanda, led us to our suites and oriented us to the controls and amenities provided for us. We were blown away. This was our first experience in an international premium cabin, and we honestly could not believe what we were experiencing. 

The brown leather seats were wide and comfy, measuring 35 inches in width. My husband and I could actually both sit in the seat side by side!

Footrest and side console Singapore Airlines Suite

The seats reclined and had a footrest for your waking hours, and when it was time to sleep, the flight attendants converted the seat into a 78” bed. The bed was made with a plush mattress and Givenchy linens, and the girls are trained to set it up in three minutes.

Across from the seat was an ottoman which became part of the bed, and could also be used as a second seat so you could dine with a travel companion. There were plenty of outlets for charging your devices, and lots of storage for your carry-on and small items. 

The entire suite was enclosed by a sliding door and two windows, with shades you could lower. The doors did not go all the way to the ceiling, but there was plenty of privacy.

Lamb Rendang meal on Singapore Airlines Suite

The entertainment options were plentiful and the TV screen 23 inches, with a corded remote next to your seat. 

The amenity kits at the time were fantastic! Salvatore Ferragamo, with full-sized perfume for her (Signorina, retails for around $50 USD) and cologne for him, along with several other luxury items.

We were provided soft gray Givenchy pajamas, which we changed into soon after boarding and before take-off.

We were seated and immediately offered pre-departure beverages – a choice of Dom Perignon or Krug champagne. My husband chose one and I chose the other, both slightly preferring the Dom.

After take-off, we were served more Dom Perignon, with Oscietra caviar (retail prices start around $100 USD) served with finely chopped boiled eggs, onions, green onions, red onions, and blinis, with a tiny mother of pearl spoon.

My husband joined me in my suite for dinner, and the food was excellent. Their signature chicken satay never disappoints. I had braised short ribs and he had prime beef for our main courses, and everything was restaurant quality. 

Dining in Singapore Airlines suite with another person

After dinner, we settled in and watched TV. When I was ready to sleep, Amanda set up my bed while I was in the restroom. When I returned, she actually tucked me in, fastening my seatbelt around me.

We had a stopover in Frankfurt and, while we did not change planes, we had to disembark. We were escorted to the Lufthansa Senator’s Lounge where we enjoyed a quick breakfast and returned to our plane.

The service on the first leg was great, and on the second leg it was amazing!

This time, a male flight attendant greeted us with a knowing wink and a friendly warning that he would be watching us… He thought we were honeymooning and might make use of the privacy afforded us to join the Mile High Club…

More Dom, more caviar, more satay, and another fantastic meal. He had the lobster Thermidor, and I chose the lamb rendang. After a long nap, we had breakfast together and reluctantly disembarked in Singapore.

woman in PJs dining with caviar in singapore airlines suite

This flight was fantastic, and I have no complaints at all. Singapore Suites lived up to the hype and we loved every minute of both legs of our flight.

The amenity kits, food, and wine selection were perfect. The crew provided amazing service and took such great care of us, setting the standard for the rest of our travel lives! 

Then they had to go and take it to the next level…

New-Improved Suites

In 2017, Singapore Airlines unveiled their new, improved suites and stepped up their game. Carriers such as Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways are constantly improving their product, and Singapore Airways was not to be outdone.

It took a while for all of the A380s to be retrofitted, and much of this occurred during the pandemic. All 12 were completed around 2021 and they are currently available for booking. 

There are now only six suites on the A380, in two rows with an aisle down the middle, and they are now on the aircraft’s upper deck.

The decor has been updated as well, and is more chic and modern, skewing more toward grays and silvers rather than tans and browns.

Adjoining suites are still available for booking, allowing two passengers to combine their beds to form a double bed. To access this feature, book suites 1A and 2A or 1F and 2F.

Two restrooms are available in the First Class cabin, which provides a great guest-toilet ratio. The restrooms are spacious and nicely decorated – much larger than the previous version. There is a separate vanity with seating so you can freshen up your makeup. 

SIA has 12 A380s at the time of writing. With some seasonal changes, the A380 flies routes to and from Singapore and the following cities: 

Auckland | Delhi | Frankfurt | Hong Kong | London Heathrow | Shanghai | Mumbai | Sydney |Tokyo Narita

The longest of these is the London to/from Singapore route, which is over 14 hours in duration. This flight would likely cost over $7,000 USD (one way).

Using KrisFlyer miles, you can snag a one-way ticket in one of these suites for a Saver Fare of 141,000 miles, or a Standard Fare of 225,500 plus £273 GBP or $347 USD. 

It is a good idea to begin your search as soon as booking becomes available, as there are only six suites per airplane.

You can book flights on SIA 355 days in advance, and I’d advise planning your points accumulations and trips accordingly. You want to have the max number of points available but, again, don’t transfer them until you know your preferred flights have seats available.

These new suites look amazing and review well, and I cannot wait to experience them myself. 

They are a whopping 50 square feet each and, rather than having to convert your seat to a bed, they have a separate swiveling recliner and a bed which folds down from one wall. 

The chair is 21 inches wide and the bed 27, so a bit narrower. The bed is now 76 inches in length, and the TV has been upgraded to a swiveling 32 inch HD screen. Unlimited Wi-Fi is included.

Singapore Airlines suite sliding door and swivel chair

The new suites have iPads to control your entertainment system! This is quite an upgrade from the corded remote control.

The French company Lalique now provides amenity kits and pajamas for Singapore Suites. The amenity kit comes in a pouch valued around $150 USD itself, filled with a full-sized perfume or cologne and lotion, soap, room spray, body lotion, and lip balm.

Bag and items from Lalique Amenity Bag Singapore Airlines Suite

The 30 ml L’Amour perfume in the women’s kit currently retails for 68 euros. Lalique also makes the soft, charcoal gray pajamas you’ll receive. Socks, slippers, and eye masks are provided as well.

Lastly, SIA no longer serves Dom Perignon.

Emirates acquired an exclusive contract to be the only airline serving that brand… so you will have to settle for Taittinger Comtes de Champagne. Many people prefer this brand over Dom anyway, and the retail price is similar at around $200 (USD).


Even though I have not yet experienced Singapore Airlines’ new and improved suites, they remain my favorite airline. Since I would never pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for a plane ticket, the fact that they are very points-friendly endears them to me.

They accept all the major points, have good availability for award bookings, and have a very intuitive website that I find easy to navigate.

Qatar and Emirates are both wonderful as well, but Singapore still edges them out in my book. Not only is the service impeccable, but it is also friendly and warm. The understated elegance of the decor, and the beauty and poise of the Singapore Girl certainly enhance the experience.

Singapore Airlines Suite Toasting with Dom Perignon

Every dish we had onboard was excellent, high-end restaurant quality, and the wine list is second to none. Their amenity kits are still our faves!

As you can tell, I LOVE Singapore Airlines, and I am confident you will too! 

Next time, I’ll tell you all about the SilverKris Lounge, KrisFlyer Gold Lounge, First Class Check-In and The Private Room at Singapore’s Changi International Airport. 

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