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Changi SilverKris Lounges Reviewed – Including The Private Room

Singapore Changi Airport is home to Singapore Airlines (SIA), one of the best airlines in the world. It is an extremely busy airport and a major hub in Asia.

It is safe, clean, and has consistently ranked as one of the world’s best airports by Skytrax, although Hamad International Airport in Doha currently holds the #1 spot.

Emirates, British Airways, Qantas, Qatar and so many other airlines have lounges here, and there are pay-per-use lounges as well. There are airport hotels if you have an overnight layover and don’t want to venture out into the city.

The real stars here, though, and the focus of this article are the Singapore Airlines Lounges.

Snapshot Verdict

You are spoiled for choice at Singapore’s Changi Airport. A long layover here is definitely preferable, so you can experience some of what this facility has to offer… especially if you are flying in a premium cabin on a Singapore Airlines flight!Â

Singapore Airlines has separate First Class check-in with private immigration queues. Their lounges are in terminals 2 and 3, and include SilverKris Lounges for Business and First Class customers, KrisFlyer Gold lounges for KrisFlyer Elite Gold and Star Alliance Gold customers, and The Private Room for First and Suites Class passengers on Singapore Airlines.

All are amazing, with beautifully decorated facilities and delicious food.

If you have time, the lounges in Terminal 3 are better than those in Terminal 2 and may be worth the hike, particularly if you are flying in Suites Class, so you can experience the five-star dining of the uber-exclusive Private Room.

This review will focus on the lounges in Terminal 3. It is quite easy to travel between terminals via the SkyTrain. Make your way toward A gates and you will find the escalator up to the lounge complex in the main shopping area. Look for the colorful glass flowers on Level 3.

About Singapore’s Changi Airport

Singapore’s Changi Airport has 4 terminals at the time of writing, and all are international since Singapore is a city-state. They are arranged in a U shape surrounding ‘The Jewel’, which is a mixed-use entertainment complex people visit whether or not they are traveling.

This area contains shopping, dining, and activities, and often hosts events. In the center of The Jewel is a massive waterfall (the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, known as the Rain Vortex), surrounded by tropical gardens and play areas.

SIARain Vortex at the Jewel Singapore Changi Airport

There are canopy walks, walking nets, mazes, augmented reality games, and so much more.

This area is definitely worth a visit, but can be a little difficult to reach. If you have 5-8 hours in Singapore, I would visit the Jewel. With less than that, I don’t think it is worth it. With much more than that, I’d get out of the airport and see the city.Â

The Jewel is technically at Changi Airport, but it is landside. This means you have to go through passport control and immigration, which can add an hour or so to your transit.

It is not difficult to reach by train or foot from any of the terminals, it just takes time. Look at the maps ahead of time and follow the signs.

Changi Airport Singapore

If you’ve been there, done that, or aren’t interested, you can rent a bike and explore outdoor areas near the airport. The first two hours are free, and there are four mapped routes lasting from 2-6 hours.

This service is available if you have transit time of 5.5 to 24 hours, and pre-booking is required. You can book here: Again, it is landside, so you have to go through immigration and passport control.

The terminals at Changi have lots of cool sites and activities as well. From the butterfly garden in T3 to art installations and gardens all over the airport, you can wander in wonder for hours!

Butterfly Garden Singapore Changi Airport

There is even a complementary movie theater in T3. There are several hotels onsite, and options for luggage storage.

But this review is not about the airport and its amenities! It is about the Singapore Airlines Lounges. SIA has lounges in Terminals 2 and 3. The lounges in T3 review slightly better, and I’ll focus on those. 

Types Of Lounges

KrisFlyer is Singapore Airlines’ frequent flyer program. Earning and status are based on miles flown. To book award flights, you must join the program for free on the website.

Once you have earned 25,000 KrisFlyer miles, you reach silver status. This gets you a few perks, like seat selection and bonus miles

When you reach 50,000 KrisFlyer miles, you achieve Gold status. This comes with the perks of Silver, as well as priority at the airport and Star Alliance Gold status, which will get you into Star Alliance business class lounges.

KrisFlyer Gold status also grants access to some non-Star Alliance lounges.

PPS Club is reserved for people who fly SIA in Business or First Class. You earn points with the actual money you spend on these flights.

You must spend $25,000 (SGD) in a calendar year to qualify for the PPS club. If you spend $50,000 (SGD) in a calendar year on Business or First Class tickets, you will qualify for Solitaire PPS club, Singapore Airlines’ highest tier.

Regular PPS members get lots of perks, but the real privileges come with Solitaire PPS membership. This grants access to First Class check-in, First Class lounges, priority customs clearance, and the ability to gift Solitaire status to a companion.

There are four SilverKris Lounges at Changi Airport – two for First Class and two for Business, split between terminals 2 and 3.

Access is limited to passengers traveling in the Business or First Class cabin of a SIA or Star Alliance flight, and PPS customers traveling in any class of service (access to Business Class section).

KrisFlyer Gold and Star Alliance Gold members with access based on their First or Business Class boarding pass can bring a guest. Solitaire PPS members can access the First Class lounge and bring a guest regardless of their class of service.

KrisFlyer Elite Gold, Star Alliance Gold, and PPS Members have access to these lounges regardless of the class of service in which they are flying, and they can bring a guest.

They do, however, have to be flying on SIA or Star Alliance partner airlines.Â

Only passengers traveling in First or Suites Class on Singapore Airlines have access to this exclusive lounge, and they have a strict ‘no guest’ policy.

First Class passengers on other airlines and Solitaire PPS members may use the regular First Class section of the SilverKris Lounge, but do not have access to The Private Room.

While technically not a lounge, I wanted to let you know about this amazing perk at Changi airport. Both terminals 2 and 3 have private check-in facilities for passengers flying First and Suites class on SIA, as well as Solitaire PPS members.

Folks flying First Class on other airlines cannot use these facilities.

Terminal 3 First Class check-in even has a private driveway with porters waiting to grab your bags and whisk you away.Â

Changi Terminal 3 Singapore Airlines Lounges – My Experience

Our guide for the day dropped us off in the semi-circular driveway of First Class check-in at Terminal 3. Two suited porters opened our doors and escorted us inside, taking our bags off our hands immediately.Â

SIAFirst Class Check in man with luggage

The check-in area reminded me of a very fancy bank, and instead of waiting in line at the check-in desk with the masses, we were seated at a desk with a private agent, given cold towels, and served champagne.

The decor was opulent, with marble countertops, gold accents, and amber colored lighting. There were several seating areas if you needed to wait for a companion or gather yourself as you enjoy more champagne.

The agent took our information and ceremonially presented us with our ‘Golden Tickets’. Suites Class boarding passes have a gold band across the top, and a thrill of excitement ran down my spine as we accepted them. I felt like Charlie in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Along with our boarding passes, they gave us gold tickets to The Private Room.Â

As I mentioned, I was a points and premium travel newbie at this time and had no idea what The Private Room was… I was in for a surprise!

We still had not seen one other passenger since arriving at the airport.

Once we were checked in, it was time to go through security. Suites and First Class customers have a dedicated queue, but there was no queue… so they scanned our passports and boarding passes, and we were through. 

The escalators up to the lounges are right after security.  To your left, you will see a beautiful glass and metal sculpture of flowers adorning the wall. This piece represents the batik motif on the Singapore Girls’ signature outfit, the sarong kebaya, and is a great spot for selfies. 

Art Outside of Lounges SIlverKris Lounge Changi Singapore Airport

There is a common check-in area for the SilverKris Lounges and Private Room. Currently, Business Class customers head to the right and First Class to the left, where you enter either the First Class Lounge or the Private Room.

To find the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge, take a right at the SilverKris Lounge entrance and walk down the hallway.

The Private Room

When we visited, we checked in at the front desk and were personally escorted through the Business Class Lounge, through the First Class Lounge, and into The Private Room. This lounge in a lounge in a lounge configuration was kind of awkward, but on the flip side, we felt like VIPs as we made our way to the pinnacle of lounges.

After encountering passengers in the main terminal and the other lounges, we were once again alone in The Private Room.Â

The lounge was spacious and had several seating areas and dim mood lighting. The chairs were upholstered in shades of brown leather and were flanked by marble end tables. After another glass of champagne, we decided to have dinner.

The Private Room Singapore Changi Airport couple with champagne

Within The Private Room there is a separate restaurant for dining. It feels just like a fine dining restaurant anywhere else, with white tablecloths and a leather-bound menu.

I chose the fish curry and, let me tell you, if it is available, you should too! This was one of the best dishes we had on our entire trip, and definitely the best we had had in an airport. As is typical for SIA, the service was impeccable!

The Private Room has been updated and renovated since we visited, and I am hoping to experience it soon. Now, the entrance feels even more exclusive, boasting a lighted sign on a marble wall, directing you down a subtly lit, curved hallway with walls of bronze. The entryway has a chandelier of crystal flowers above a marble table.

The decor is much more modern, again with shades of cream and gray, accents of wood and bronze, and occasional pops of color. 

The dining room has a coffee bar, a wine wall, and seating for around 30 people. It is not as opulent as the previous iteration, but looks chic and more modern.

The white tablecloths have been replaced with marble top tables. The menu looks similar, and many praise the selection, quality, and service.Â

Shower rooms are still available, and four nap rooms have been added. The shower rooms have been updated and are stocked with Lalique amenities.

You can reserve a nap room at reception for a two-hour period, on a first-come, first-served basis – but if no one else is waiting, you can stay longer.

We did not spend much time here, since we had access to The Private Room. Why would you, you ask?

Well, if you are flying First Class on a Star Alliance provider that is NOT Singapore Airlines, if you are Solitaire PPS, or if your traveling companion is flying in coach and you want to hang out together.Â

You may also want to visit this lounge if you are flying SIA First or Suites Class and arrive between 2:30 and 5:30 am – The Private Room closes for these three hours, while both SilverKris Lounges are open 24/7.

During our visit, we were quite impressed by the First Class Lounge. Keep in mind that we were baby luxury travelers and probably less discerning than some, but the lounge was lovely.

The overall color scheme tended toward tans, browns, and yellows, with marble accents and amber colored lighting. The chairs were sumptuous brown leather and plentiful. The dining area was somewhat small, and was a little crowded when we passed through.Â

The lounge has since been updated, and the decor is much more modern, skewing toward grays and muted neutrals, with brighter, cleaner light and more open space. The dining area was nearly doubled in size.

The main bar is gorgeous. It is crescent-shaped with more of the lighted glass flowers we saw in The Private Room adorning the central column. There is plenty of seating at and around the bar, and scattered throughout the lounge in different configurations.

You can order cocktails, wine, or beer from the bar from 5:30 pm to 1:00 am, and from 6:00 am to 10:00 am, you can pick up a barista-made coffee. Outside of these hours, you’ll need to serve yourself at one of the beverage stations.

As for dining, there is a large buffet with a large selection of Asian and Western dishes, and you can choose to order from the menu. 

SIA First Class Buffet Changi Airport

Plenty of outlets are available, and some seats even have wireless charging pads. There are a few private seating pods.

The new lounge has five private shower suites. When we visited, the showers were in the shared bathrooms, so this is quite a step up.

There are four nap rooms – two contain single beds and two contain recliners. These are single occupant, and you are limited to two hours. This is a little chintzy if you ask me.

This lounge was our very first premium lounge, so we were impressed. The lounge was large and, again, decorated in shades of brown with amber lighting. There was no natural light, which was a common complaint, but this did not offend us.

We found the lounge warm and cozy and had no issues whatsoever. To be honest, we found the Business Class Lounge nicer than the First Class Lounge.Â

There was plenty of seating and we had no trouble finding a table, although the lounge was somewhat crowded.

The buffet was extensive. It was here that we first tried the most delicious dish we had ever had in an airport – the fish curry. If they still have this when you visit, try it!Â

Also on offer was a variety of dim sum, soups, chicken satay, Indian food, French fries, and so many other dishes. You could find fruit, sandwiches, desserts, whatever your heart desires.

The new and improved SilverKris Business Lounge is much larger and now has natural light and a view of the concourse below. The decor is decidedly more contemporary and feels much cleaner.

There is a ton of seating, with different types of chairs and groupings. From high-top bar tables to cozy couches, you won’t have trouble finding somewhere to settle in. The color scheme is a bit more vibrant, with blues and oranges breaking up the neutral palette. 

Plenty of dining tables are available, and food is scattered about. There is a main buffet, and several live cooking stations featuring an array of Western and Asian dishes. A separate cafe area offers lighter bites and grab-and-go options.

Again, both SilverKris lounges have barista-made coffee available at the bar from 6:00 am to 10:00 am, and bartender-made cocktails from 5:30 pm to 1:00 am. Outside of these hours, you will have to visit one of the self-serve beverage stations for a drink, or the espresso machines for a coffee.

The bathrooms are lovely, with sparkly marble floors and walls, subtle lighting, and dark wood accents. There are 15 shower suites which are similarly decorated, and come furnished with Lalique toiletries. The ensuite toilets have fancy bidets.

While there are no private rooms for sleeping, there are 14 sleeping pods toward the back of the lounge, which have sleeping chairs and are equipped with a table, reading light, and charging station. Ask for pillows and blankets at the front desk.

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge
We did not have access to the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge, as neither of us has KrisFlyer Gold or Star Alliance Gold status.

This lounge has also been completely revamped and looks great. It seems to have many of the amenities of the Business Class Lounge, but on a smaller scale.

There are actually shower suites available, and the buffet selections look great. Drinks and coffee are available at self-serve stations.

This lounge is a great option if you have access and are flying Economy or Premium Economy without access to the Business or First Class lounges.


Singapore Airlines has remodeled and updated their lounges in Terminal 3 at Changi Airport, and all are worth a visit. These lounges provide numerous options for seating and will be a comfortable respite from the chaos of the airport.

The food is restaurant quality, fresh, and flavorful, and the drink selection more than adequate. All of the lounges offer shower suites so you can freshen up between flights.

The Private Room is a special experience. Be sure not to miss it if you are flying First or Suites Class on SIA, and come hungry! It is one of the best airport lounges I have visited, second only to the Al Safwa First Lounge in Doha.

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